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To our Valued Customers, suppliers and all business contacts;


First, we wish good health and safe travels for all in the up-coming weeks. You have heard the call for staying home, working remotely, and helping others without endangering anyone else, this past week.  More will be spoken about this over the next days, and we intend to keep the wheels rolling this week and during the inevitable slow-down because we are You, the transportation industry.  

Safety on the highway is and always will be our main concern.  We are watching regulations for changes, but for now we ask everyone to practice overall distancing, cleanliness and sanitary recommendations outlined by the State.


  Please phone, text, or e-mail all repair requests. 


  Let us know the urgency and load contents. 


  Get a drop off appt, if coming in to the Swan Island Shop.

  Have all drivers keep contact out of the office and use the shop foreman as point of contact while on site.


  Our mobile Techs will also be as careful as possible, please give them room to perform their tasks.


  Whether shop or road,  if any "in the cab" repairs are needed  - basically all - as we need to enter/open to start and check;      Please clean the cabs and latches before leaving the truck.


Of course in our mind this is the best time to make all those nagging repairs, catch up on PM's and Annual inspection services, but like you are unable to foresee the impact ahead, so we too must be able to adjust daily to the need of services.  First and foremost the freight needs to move safely.  Please call ahead and expect possible delays in scheduling as we dispatch Techs on demand for service calls and shop work.

We look forward to an ending to this uncertainty, getting back to business as usual, and continued contact with you all.



Southwest Trailer Service  

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